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Read New Reading List Ouran High School Date club is a story about how love comes at the strangest times from the people you least expect it from. This story continues after the anime, when the host club is back at school. Kyouya and Tamaki are now 3rd years and Hikaru and Kaoru are now 2nd years. Honey and Mori have already graduated. As for Haruhi she found out that her mother went to Lobelia and has gone to continue her mother’s legacy there. The date club is a group of girls that came together to create a quiz that matches the Ouran academy students with their perfect match according to their answers.

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Ouran High School Host Club is a manga series by Bisco Hatori, published in LaLa magazine from September and November This romantic comedy series focuses on a group of students at Ouran High School and their relationships with each other.

It has been licensed Stateside by Viz Media, and the releases are up to the 10th volume Stateside as of February 5th, , while it currently stands at 12 collected volumes in Japan. It ran on Japanese television from April 4th to September 26th, It has been licensed Stateside by Funimation, though it has yet to actually give a release date.

Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student attending the ultra-wealthy Ouran Academy, so poor that she can’t even afford the uniform. One day, as she’s trying to find a quiet place to study, she comes across the Third Music Room and the Ouran High School Host Club if you don’t know what a host club is, it’s basically a bunch of guys flirting with women for profit. Unfortunately, her short hair cut, outfit, and large glasses make her look like a guy, and they soon promote her to host after they figure out she has a lot of potential.

The Do you know your Ouran host club? quiz

With good-looking popular boys with different quirks catering to everyone at school, the club is known as—the Ouran High School Host Club! On its own, Ouran High School is a very elite institution. Even the new girl student—Haruhi Fujioka—is surprised that she ended up there! She feels like a sore thumb sticking out due to her not being famous and wealthy like everyone else.

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Kind hearted, loves music plays flute , enjoys spending time in the host club room because she is friends with them, thinks the host club is a bit of a joke and believes the club members to be leading the girls there on, good student but bad at math Kyouya tutors her and she likes him , used to live in France and was friends with Tamaki used to like him until she met Kyouya in middle school , Very agressive when angry has been known to punch Tamaki and Kyouya if they anger her.

I have this on my list to draw Posted: Thu Jul 14, 4: Haku and Hana Fugioka Age: They are twins with black hair and Haku male has light blue eyes and Hana female has violet eyes. They are Haruhi’s older brother and sis. They are 2nd years because they usually mess around in class and got held back. They are protective of Haruhi and can act mature when they want to, which they never do.

They are childish and play pranks. They are against Tamaki but are all for Hikaru.

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And what changed them? They were close to a maid they really liked, and she was trying to get into the safe, when she got ahold of the safe’s belongings, she told them that they were never going to be able to be told apart, crushing them and therefore they closed the gate on their hearts. What changed them is when Tamaki Suoh whas trying to recruit them to become members of his Host Club, he guessed them right, breaking down their wall.

(Powerful Motor) Renge: HAHAHAHAHA Me: Oh Lordy -_-Renge: I, Renge, as the lady manager of the Ouran Host Club, should be the one to present this quiz!

When will Ouran high school Host Club be available in Canada? MORE Will there be ouran high school host club seasn 2? I was so happy when I found out that there would be a season 2 for Ouron High School Host Club, but it was only a lie. I went to the official site for Ouron High School Host Club, and it said that there wouldn’t be another season that it was only a lie. And I found out that she is still continuing Ouron High but only in manga.

And so I read the manga and it so much better that the anime a little different. But if your an Ouron Fan like me, you will love it. To read the manga go to One Manga. I hope that ‘s all you need to know.

Who Is Your Oraun High Schhool Host Club Boy?

Reverse Harem Garden actually turned ten last September. Sorry, for the late post. But be warned, to compensate for the late post this I had apprehension when they first released teasers with Neko chan on the cover.

Test your knowledge on Bisco Hatori’s break-out comedy manga, Ouran High School Host Club, with this trivia test.

I’m gunna put in the name of my Ouan High FC name instead to the name this came with. You absolutely loved all of the hosts and their personalities. You didn’t really have a favorite or anything though. You just kinda went from host to host. It was opening night in Ouran Academy for families who wanted to send their child there. Kyoya asked you if you would like to be one of the guides for the host club. Many girls haves questions about each host, and you answer each one with grace and style.

Later that night, the hosts were having an auction for some furniture.

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Everyone except the Hitachiian twin anyway. Being childhood friends, they were the only people she let into her world. Until one day when a small prank turns into something more. And this stupid idiot boy named Tamaki Souh has decided to crawl into her her life and open her heart. The two of them were oblivious to the shocked stares around them as Yumiko stared at the boy in horror.

Lets find out shall we? Check out my other quizzes and subscribe if you want not that I care or anything b-b-baka.

ShineBrite97 This is just a take on what I think season two could have been like before getting my hands on the actual manga I tried to keep it as close to canon as possible, with some major nudges to my OTP, I hope you like it. A Big Day for All Tamaki woke to a golden sunrise, streaks of scarlet lined the fluffy clouds and from his window, he could see the thin ice coated branches reflecting the warm light that would usher in an unseasonably warm day.

He knew what today was, thinking about the move and the excitement of dining with his father and grandmother, as one more member of the family. He thought about Haruhi, and how she was the first person he told. Her smile and her hand on his arm, the sudden kiss that still stung his lips whenever he thought of it. He figured she forgot all about it by now, at home doing homework, pursing those soft lips of hers as she concentrated.

Drinking tea and waiting for her dad to return from work during the weekend. I should go and visit her, he thought to himself, slipping the plush blue robe over his shoulders. By the slight sounds coming from the ground floor, he knew the housekeeping staff was hard at work, packing up all the things that made the solitary second mansion into his home.

He felt the bittersweet twinge of regret taint the good mood he woke up with. Antoinette was always there for him, whenever he felt sad or lost, whenever he missed France, or even when he wanted to be alone, her soft personality cheered him up faster than anything else. It would be hard without her, but he knew that the maids who volunteered to house her for the time would care for her just as well as he did. The knock at his door was pronounced and friendly.

Ouran High School Host Club Quiz

Moe Moe Ouran vol. The paper is little more than a tabloid, and the club is in danger of being shut down if circulation doesn’t improve the only people buying it currently are the two other club members. He decides to investigate the Host Club, looking for a scandal.

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But there is more to the nightlife than is seen on the surface. Things creeping around in the dark under a moon and starlit sky. Something kept hidden to make everyone believe that they are only myths. As legend and myth seem to come to life in the dead of night. Ready to corner the unsuspecting. Rated T for safety. After the murder that took place the night of Haruhi’s goodbye party, Hikaru is forced into a mental hospital. Hoping to be cured from whatever is wrong with him, but unbeknownst to everyone, even himself, there is a huge obstacle in the way, or more like a person.

Everyone has a dark side, but some are darker than the others. Seeing Double by umbreonix reviews The Hikages are a mythic crime family. Children are raised to become expert thieves and are finally inducted into the ranks after the success of their first coming-of-age solo job. For Mei, this job begins by infiltrating the elite Ouran Academy. However, behind the pearly gates is something no training was ever going to prepare her for:

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Reverse Harem Garden actually turned ten last September. Sorry, for the late post. But be warned, to compensate for the late post this Monday, March 5, Manga Review: But then she got herself into pretending to be a boy with the Host Club to pay off an eight million yen debt.

Ouran High School Host Club Quizzes Tags mystery date, ouran high school host club Favorited members Feedback 7 comments. The big question. O.o Which do you prefer to date Boys Girls Either one is fine. *shrugs* Describe your perfect love. (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers).

Contents ideas for the wife; find a girl for dating find teens – mystery of women military search 5. You get this in the mail from your boyfriend What do you do C. I don’t take time to take note of my favorite colors Are ross lynch and laura marano dating in real life – Sea Ranch Question 3: In which episode of big time rush does James get trapped in a dog cage? Big Time Fans Question 4: Who did James Maslow date?

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Ignoring me is quite rude, Jessica. I’m quite disappointed in you! Oh, give me a break. What do you want Tamaki? I think we should put in some roleplay! This seems rather pointless.

You think that you know your Ouran Host Club, better be sure Well me, personally, I am obsessed! If there is any problem that you have with the quiz, than I will try to fix it, or whatever you want me to do with it other than delete it or anything like that: P.

After Haruhi literally stumbles in on the Ouran Host Club and breaks an expensive vase, she discovers there’s only one way she’ll ever be able to pay for the damage – working as a Host! Haruhi’s fickle client seems to have a new favorite Host every week. With a formal party right around the corner, Tamaki masterminds a scheme to help her settle down with the right guy once and for all. Episode 3 Sub Beware the Physical Exam! With Ouran Academy’s physical exam threatening to expose Haruhi’s secret, Tamaki is forced to utilize some diversionary tactics.

Episode 3 Dub Beware the Physical Exam! Episode 4 Dub Attack of the Lady Manager! Renge, an intense young woman obsessed with dating sims, declares herself the Host Club’s new manager! Her first order of business: When Haruhi divulges the secret of how she can tell Hikaru from Kaoru, their sibling rivalry quickly spirals out of control. Episode 5 Dub The Twins Fight! Tamaki takes an elementary school student as his apprentice, but the kid’s brutal honesty has everyone’s heads spinning! With Honey missing, the Hosts’ vacation turns into a search and rescue mission!

But between alligator attacks and the onslaught of a private police force, who will save the rescuers?

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