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Usually someone is a celebrity because of something she or he has done. They may receive attention for talent, lack of talent, for doing something heinous, for marrying someone rich, or even for dying young. Some celebrities, however, leave us scratching our heads and wondering, just why is this person popular? Two of his songs went to number one in Germany. She hosted a popular daytime television program in the s. Rush Limbaugh Conservative radio host, prescription drug addict, author… this no-talent windbag has done it all.

15 Celebrities Who Married A Cousin

From Christians to Jews and all stripes in between, many A-list celebrities have made interesting decisions to convert to Islam during early and later years in life. Another convert bites the dust! Famous for boxing, biting and owning a questionable face tattoo – this heavy-weight is less notorious for his religious beliefs than his ring-side antics. Enlarge Reduce Image 2 of Enlarge Reduce Image 3 of

Well it seems that the media cannot get enough of porn stars and their celebrity boyfriends’ these days but long before Charlie Sheen was spotted with some of porn’s elite, many celebrities dated and even married porn stars. We have put together a little list of some of the most famous men in the World and the porn stars they fell for.

In the past year alone Gucci has been arrested several times for assaulting fans and drug and weapon possession Most recently though, in December of , Gucci was charged with two counts of possessing a firearm as a felon in federal court. For these charges, Gucci can be facing up to twenty years behind bars. Keef has been in and out of juvenile detention since Keef’s most recent arrest was in October of when he violated his probation. Keef was sentenced to serve twenty days, but released after ten days for good behavior.

Consequently the following month, Keef returned back to jail for violating probation a second time. He’s also been doing time in rehab to get over his addiction to lean, but as his forthcoming single title indicates, apparently it didn’t work out too well.

Every Rapper and Athlete Khloe Kardashian Has Dated

As a multi-talented person, she is making her figure covering all platforms as an actress, singer, dancer, and model. Despite her tender age, she can touch the heart of audiences with her voice and effervescent acting. Donshea’s Rise Towards Stardom!

Diddy, for one, has a high profile dating situation going. He’s dating both Camercon Diaz and Cassie.

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Getty Images Drake isn’t one to hide his emotions. Not to say that’s a bad thing, of course. But when it comes to Drizzy’s dating habits , the year-old tends to go the extra mile to make sure his former flame knows he’s doing just fine read: Without further ado, we present a five-step guide to being salty AF toward a former S. Flex on the ‘gram in a location she knows well:

14 Celebrities Who Have Dated Famous Rappers (Bet You Didn’t Know #13) by Tyler Johnson at April 22, am. Updated at April 22, am.

Eminem has sold over million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and with Royce He is the sexiest rapper and singer in the world.. Actually I think he is the sexiest man in the world and I’m a lesbian. He is so sexy. You get the idea. Can someone say, walking sex?

Amazing body, sexy voice, just looking at him and listening to his incredible voice is like being seduced. You cannot fathom the things I just wanna do to him. I’m almost breathless just talking about him. His body is so hot, his eyes are beautiful, his voice is so seductive I go crazy every time I see him He’s gotta cute face, hot body, beautiful blue eyes, cool tattoos and he can rap. This guy is awesome!

32 Celebrities In Relationships With ‘Normal’ People

Other factors, including geography and career trajectory, obviously factor into these calculations as well. After accounting for endorsements and business ventures, their earnings can be much higher. Following the sale of his Beats headphones line to Apple in , Dr. How the Other Half Live Dre and Jordan are sitting pretty, but not all of their larger-than-life peers can say the same. Despite raking in vast sums of money during playing, performing, and business careers, a shocking number of celebrities face financial ruin when work dries up or the consequences of poor past decisions finally rear their heads.

These six public figures all earned tens of millions, at minimum, during their careers.

Ten Rappers Who Dated Other Celebrities January 23, Alexandru Moruz Hip Hop 0 LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE Recording artists Meek Mill (C) and Nicki Minaj attend the BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater on June 28, in Los Angeles, California.

Share shares Despite their stark differences in upbringing, the couple do have one very poignant experience in common – both lost their fathers to suicide. The relationship between Kate and Professor Green, who is establishing himself as a presenter of documentaries, came to light when a source told a tabloid newspaper this week: They’re very keen to keep it under wraps and insist they are only friends so they avoid any public scrutiny until they are certain it’s more than just a fleeting romance.

According to one impeccably placed source: Let’s just say it is in character. They split last year coincided with Kate’s company, Roundtable Records also folding The family friend told me this week: Kate is not under any obligation to share the finer details of her private life with anyone, especially her family. They’ve been seeing each other and she would very much like to carry on.


Email Copy Link Copied Normally, when you see a beautiful woman or man depending on your preference you can envision all kinds of carnal thoughts. When you see a sexy individual flaunting their goods, fantasies erupt. When you see a hot celebrity showing off their body, those thoughts go ten-fold.

Hip Hop Wired has compiled a list of the top 10 celebrities who have been caught with transgender women (a woman who was born a man). Surprisingly the list includes celebrities Trey Songz, Chingy, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow to name a few.

Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party and other amazing celebrity costumes 17 Pictures What does deferred mean on a death certificate? According to the Los Angeles County Public Health Department death certificates are registered as deferred when the actual cause of death is considered unknown. What drugs did Mac Miller use? This information will not become available until toxicology results have become available.

There was no evidence of pill bottles or drug paraphernalia found at the scene when police performed an initial search, but TMZ did report that police found a small amount of white powder was found in Miller’s home. The year-old rapper — real name Malcolm McCormick — struggled with substance abuse. While it’s not clear as to what drugs he overdosed, a Fader magazine documentary, Mac Miller — Stopped Making Excuses, provides us with insight into his career when he was younger.

At one point in the documentary, Miller details his drug, saying he needs drugs that are stronger than marijuana. In the documentary, he is seen mixing lean, which is a mixture of prescription-strength cough syrup and Sprite soda. It made me more paranoid about all the sh-t happening,” he said in a voiceover mixing lean and pouring it into a cup. I think that’s really what sparked me doing other drugs because I hate being sober. Montana is seen warning him about the potency of what he was drinking.

This is the pure,” Montana said as Miller grinned.

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