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He is a gorgon , specifically the son of Medusa , and a student at Monster High. Deuce and his mother have a difficult relation, which he tries to make the best of and keeps out of his school life. His relation with his aunt Stheno and her daughter Viperine is a lot better, but they do not live in New Salem. Deuce is considered the hottest boy at Monster High as well as one of the most reliable and relaxed people to hang out with. Because of his personality, many are confused he is dating Cleo de Nile , a demanding and impulsive princess. However, it is these traits and their shared underlying troubles that makes them one of the finest couples at school. Other than being captain of several sport teams, most notably casketball, Deuce enjoys spending his available time on cooking.

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For the Ponychan admin, see!! Lyra’s first onscreen appearance The posture that started it all. Lyra Heartstrings or just simply Lyra is a mint green unicorn pony from the official show , with a white streak down her mane, whom of which is noted in fanon a popular background pony. The first name originates from her cutie mark, a lyre [1] , and the last name is a term to refer to “the deepest feelings or affections, i.

She has never been namedropped in the show, however is commonly given a name in merchandise. She is widely known for her humanlike sitting position in her appearance in Episode 7, Dragonshy, which was popularized via exploitable vectors, and later on, a widely accepted headcanon of her obsession with humans.

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An expansion pack, The Teladi Outpost which was free for all current owners to pre-order until it was simultaneously released with Update 3. The expansion pack adds a new solar system, weapon types, stations, factions, and ships. Home Of Light adds three new solar systems, new factions, a new ‘warehouse’ station type, more dangerous Xenon, and a ‘a forgotten enemy’. A Oculus Rift and HTC Vive compatible re-work, creatively titled X Rebirth VR Edition is due for release sometime in , and will feature changes to the economy for VR immersion, additional missions designed to take advantage of the system, a new graphics engine, altered the game pace.

The official website is over here. In-game development videos are occasionally posted on the X-Universe youtube channel. X Rebirth contains examples of the following tropes: The Portal Network has been shut down following the Argons’ disastrous attempt at creating AGI ships, the Community has fallen apart and everyone is at each other’s throats over resources, and the Xenon and Kha’ak are stronger than ever before

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Edit Stocking has gothic lolita clothing. Her stockings in this form are black with dark blue stripes. Angel form Edit Stocking has lolita, but not gothic clothing. Her stockings in this form are white with light blue stripes. She wears silver heels with open fingers, white loose dress with gray stripe at the bottom, and with white bows with light blue hearts on the sides, silver gorset, white-gray bust around, silver trim with light blue heart on the front and with silver straps, silver choker with white frills, silver bracelet on both arms and two silver bracelets on both wrists and white one finger gloves that reach her arms.

There are even dating sites, blogging sites and Skype groups for plushies to meet and share the intimacies of the intimacy with a teddy bear. A Reddit thread of undercover plushies looking to voice their love for stuffed animals gives us a little insight into the weird world of stuffed animal sex.

She is a simulacrum , specifically the daughter of Frankenstein’s monster and his bride, and a student at Monster High. Having been born as a year old only recently, Frankie may have the intelligence and physical capabilities of her born-age, but she does not have the appropriate life-experience. She has been rapidly gaining ground, though, mostly with the support of the close group of friends she created around herself. In everyday life, Frankie has an unrelenting positive disposition, which allows her to easily make friends and motivates her to always look for solutions that help out as many people as possible, but it also makes her prone to being taken advantage of.

It doesn’t help that she is a tad clumsy either. Befitting her heritage, Frankie has an interest in broad range of scientific subjects and she favors the practical side over the theoretical one.


Are you okay Flame? What happened this time? So, I was reading through comments on the story, like I usually do. Well, one of my readers commented and said I should give Google a “pluahie. You know, people are going to take this the wrong way, right? Well, that girl is going to think your making fun of her.

Plushies have even set up specific dating sites – where they can share their love of furry friends. Others buy lingerie for their toys, to “make it a little more enjoyable to undress them.”.

The Unicorn The Unicorn is totally normal and well-adjusted. He has a good job, and makes a decent living, but is not a workaholic. He is funny, and well-informed, and cooks a mean pasta bolognese. He has friends from all periods of his life with whom he is still in touch. He is not an alcoholic, drug abuser, or porn addict.

He is easy on the eyes, or even hot.

Deuce Gorgon

You can’t give gifts to characters right away after meeting them. Talking to characters will increase your Relationship EXP with them. You will need at least Relationship EXP in order to give them gifts.

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Edit Stocking is a levelheaded and intelligent girl, though she can be rude if provoked, especially towards her older sister, Panty. Stocking greatly enjoys eating various desserts and sugary food, but doesn’t seem to gain weight she insists all the fat goes towards her breasts anyway. However, she acts quite enraged and sensitive whenever anyone calls her fat. While Panty represents Lust, Stocking is often considered a personification of the deadly sin, Gluttony , due to her obsession with sweets, which is one of the reasons why she was kicked out of heaven.

She does not share Panty’s obsession with sex, even though she does display some masochistic tendencies, such as bondage and electrocution. This is ironic since she constantly insults the demon sisters and Corset , by calling them ‘BDSM loving freaks’. Instead, Stocking claims she has very special standards in men, and would rather be with someone she truly loves then simply for sex. She strings men along not wanting them to believe she is ‘easy’ , and would never cheat on someone she truly loves.

However, she has been shown to have a very strange and twisted vision of what attractive is, but she also seems to judge people by what’s on the inside instead of out.

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Herding dog that is known as a heeler or one that nips at the heels Size: Small breed Energy Level: Energetic family companion Personality:

Watch Plushies – 8 Pics at ! Having some fun with Plushies.

When I asked my brother if there was anything I could make for my niece for the holidays, I was a little overwhelmed when he suggested a My Little Pony — Friendship is Magic plushie of Pinkie Pie. I’d never sewn a stuffed animal before, and I’d be a pony newbie creating something to give to a pony expert! I let the idea brew in the back of my mind for a while, as I tend to do for all sewing projects, until one day when a box full of gorgeous recycled felt arrived from a friend.

Two shades of pink? The project was on! I planned an entire weekend of sewing, but ended up adding two evenings so I could add pony clothing to the gift. The felt was purchased from FeltForLess on Etsy. I will say that the thickness is similar to the wool blend felt I get from American Felt and Craft. It seemed to stretch a bit easier than the wool, and didn’t have the subtle color variations that make wool felt so rich.

But the colors were bright and it cut like a dream. I had no trouble working with it. It did lack that subtle “wool sweater feel” love so much about wool felt, but I’d use it again! As I had never made a stuffed animal, my first stop was to find a pattern for the pony’s body.

Plushies part 3 (Bonnie and Chica go out on a date!!)