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Plus this System works well with the old Analog TVs. High Gain Parabolic Dish Reflector has a perfectly matched feed horn bracket which allows any installer easy set up of the focal point alignment. The Mount is universal for installations on roofs, walls, and on a poll. This system is perfect for customers who are tired of paying the high cost of Cable and Pay Satellite TV. Its compact size and lightweight design can go virtually anywhere! Movies, Sports, News, and Family Entertainment. If you are not sure what is on a particular satellite or what is available on the satellite where your Dish is pointing ,The DS model EF Receiver will find it for you. This Feature is quite unique because it will also find technical inf. This “New High Speed process will take only a few minutes”.

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We offer satellite tv and satellite internet services including sales, installation and repair of residential single family homes, condominiums and apartment buildings. Installation of commercial locations including airports, hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals and office buildings nationwide.

Got a C band Big Dish? Need programming for it? Do you own a Big c band Dish? Well those companies once big names in the big dish market are no more. They no longer can address your TV programming needs. But you’re in luck, a small company started in by a few old time c band enthusiasts saw the writing on the wall and stepped up to the plate just for you the c band dish user. Rainier has been growing steadily over the years offering satellite products and TV programming for the DTH market.

But were keeping up with technology too. Rainier is getting ready to launch Satellite delivered internet in addition to our satellite TV service. How do I get on board?

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Clips and fasteners, body plug kits, paint seal kits, underhood insulation pads, decals, stripe sets, and more. Call Ace Auto and ask for Al, Their complete catalog is on line.

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Elevation is measured from the horizon upwards. If it gives a negative value then the satellite is below the horizon, i. Azimuth is positive clockwise and measured from True North. If and only when using a compass, you will need to adjust the azimuth by the magnetic variation for your location. LNB skew is positve anti-clockwise when facing the dish and is a theoretical value, in practice it may differ e. Choose a satellite default is Sky UK , enter your location and hit go.

If it has found your location correctly, zoom in closer and then switch to the satellite map view. Then click and drag the icon where you want to install your dish. The blue line will show you the direction in which you need to point the dish. You will need a fast internet connection such as T1, ADSL, cable broadband or satellite broadband as the tool downloads about 1MB of satellite images.

These are calculated and displayed in real time as soon as you move the marker or change the satellite. The old calculator should be really obsolete now. Within two weeks, the calculator has been used about 40, times making this one of the fastest growing satellite tools ever. There will be also various language versions of this tool on the dishpointer.

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The main problem that viewers face is not being able to see a separate channel on each television sharing the signal. If this is not an issue for the setup, then the following options are available for those who wish to continue: Method One — Using Optional Receiver Outputs If the televisions are not too far apart, the simplest option is to use the available outputs on the receiver to split the connection.

“Free-to-Air” (FTA) is a type of programming that offers you certain channels with no subscription. If you have a DirecTV connection, but do not wish to pay the monthly fees, you may use your DirecTV satellite dish to connect to your FTA receiver.

Etnaaf 5 months ago Reply i have a different type of dish one of the ones from hacking software aka the parablic type htat has like a 35 mi range for hacking wifi id like to use this to boost m wifi from my cell phone ok i live in the middle of NO WHERE no ppl houses or towns for miles in all directions i only have 4g cell phone internet but i get SHIT signal out here. It won’t look nearly as stupid and you’ll be able to use the phone without a damn dish taped to it.

M1 3 years ago Reply Would this dish antenna work if I have a signal booster to capture the signal from dish antenna. I have a signal booster installed but I think it does not get enough signal from outside antenna so it doesn’t have anything to boost. I wonder if dish antenna can capture enough signal to work with booster. I just launched a business around it. But it absolutely works!!!! There is one thing I think he forgot to mention and that is this works best with the old school mini dishes that are perfectly round not the new HD models that are oval shaped.

I also took this concept a step further instead of using a usb net adapter I used a wireless range extender and mounted it to the collector.

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Legacy Switch, SW Instructions for receivers setup: Here there can be many selections, you must match the settings to the LNB that you have on the dish. LNB frequency; this setting is determined by the bird that we want to receive. All circular birds in our N. Set receiver to

Nov 02,  · Free To Air (FTA) Discussion. America’s Largest Discussion of LEGAL C & KU Band Free To Air (FTA) Satellite Reception! Full support and discussion of KU and C Band Free to Air (FTA) Satellite Equipment and reception!

The diameter for the satellite dish depends on: Satellite we want to point to Our geographical location 1 Installing the wall mount First of all, you have to find an appropriate location. Take into account these two requirements: The location must allow the correct orientation of the dish to the satellite. There can not be any obstacles between the dish and the satellite. You will learn where the satellite is in the following steps. Take the “L” wall mount, and attach it to the wall manually.

Mark the positions of the future holes on the wall. Now, drill the four holes. Be careful choosing a appropiate diameter see the number engraved on the fixing.

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Hopefully, this how-to will briefly explain how they work and how to properly install them. It has internal diseqc switching and will work with up to 3 stb’s. Even though it has 4 “ports” on the lnb, it only has 3 outputs to stb’s. A very common misconception about this setup has to do with the internal diseqc switch in the lnb.

What do I need for a FTA system? This is covered in more detail in the Getting Started section. In short, you need a clear view of the southern sky, a inch or larger dish, a Ku-band LNBF, a Free-to-air DVB receiver, and RG-6 cable to connect the receiver to the LNBF. I’m ready to buy. Where’s your order form? FTAList does not sell equipment.

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